Dancers Warehouse understands the needs of the dance industry and focuses on developing a consumer based Internet and Catalog business. The company concentrates on providing customers with brand name dancewear at below retail prices. We feel that gearing the business toward the population by providing name brand products at reduced prices will not only satisfy customers, but create loyal customers as well.

In June 2002, we opened our first retail storefront. This retail presence will only enhanced our current business model of Internet and Catalog accessability. This addition is geared to providing multiple services for our customers by allowing them to purchase and return through three different means.

Looking to the future, Dancers Warehouse will be providing e-business solutions to dance studios throughout the United States. Dancers Warehouse believes that providing our Affiliate Program to smaller studios will not only strengthen our relationship, but help advance the industry as well.

Incorporating these multiple models into our business strategy only supports our overall vision at becoming the largest dancewear provider in the United States. With the help of our customers we will achieve that goal and continue to provide Brand Name products at below retail price.